2024 Podcast Planner

The 12 month digital podcast planner to plan, produce, and promote your podcast made by and for indie and solopreneur podcasters.

the ultimate planning
anti-dote for podfade

For podcasters at any stage

You work hard creating great podcast episodes, but know you need a bigger audience.

You know you need more downloads and listeners to land bigger sponsors, sell more digital products or generate greater affiliate revenue…

Even after chasing every podcasting productivity hack out there, you walk away more unmotivated.

We Get It – Growing a Podcast is Harder Than it Looks

Because we've been there...

You LOVE podcasting, but still feel invisible in search! It feels like you’re leaving money on the table whenever you skip the shownotes and SEO keywords, but who has time for that ONE extra thing!

Recording Pulitzer worthy podcasts episode after episode is awesome, but when it comes to writing the  descriptions, you’re stuck and stressed. Why is summing it up so hard??

Every checklist, podcast episode, and blog you’ve read seem to require a huge team or leaves you with an overly complicated production strategy that STRAIGHT UP confuses you – or worse – leaves you more confused. 

It feels like the 24/7 podcast hustle over here, and you KNOW there HAS to be some AI-magic out there that could automate parts of the podcast promo grind but who has the time to trial every tool?

podcasting without a solid plan is straight up painful.

And we're here to end your struggles

We searched high and low for a podcast planner actually made for indie podcasters and came up empty.

Everything out there seems to be for giant teams or massively deep pockets.

We wanted a straightforward way to produce podcasts that slash through the noise and actually reach people on a global scale – without it costing an arm and a leg.

And for our fourth year running we are pleased to present the podcast planner we WISHED we had without a HUGE price-tag.

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine if it were possible. Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve achieve the online course result. Paint the picture of what’s possible when their problem is solved. Get detailed into what they really want their life to look like once they’ve achieved the results.

Your life before the course:

Your life after the course:


The 2024 Podcast Planner

The 12 month digital podcast planner to plan, produce, and promote your podcast with tools proven to increase productivity, consistency and income

2024 Digital Planner

Plan out an entire year of podcast episodes, keywords, and promotional links all in one place. 

Podcast Shownotes Checklist

Reach more listeners by optimizing your podcast show notes with this simple to follow checklist

Income + Expense Tracker

Grow your podcast and bank account by tracking your income and expenses in two new strategic Podcast Planner tabs.

Podcast Planner Masterclass

This evergreen masterclass covers tips and best practices for creating a podcast production workflow you and your team can stick to. 

Podcast Shownotes Checklist

Grow your audience with our proven Podcast Show Notes Checklist. Everything you need to get more listeners with search!

Income + Expense Tracker

Grow your podcast and bank account by tracking your income and expenses in two new strategic Podcast Planner tabs.

Podcast Planner Masterclass

This evergreen masterclass covers everything you need to know to prep your podcast for the most listens to a global audience. 

This podcast materclass, recorded by Melody and Danielle, covers two primary podcast production workflow models: for small teams and for solo entrepreneurs/ indie podcasters. 

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365+ Podcasters

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Profitable Podcasts

Since 2020, Melody and Danielle have supported hundreds of podcasters across the globe helping them reach new audiences with our simple to follow and podcast production workflows and templates.

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bonus: 10 AI Podcaster Tools that aren't chaptGPT!

We’ve done all the hardwork and compiled the best AI tools for podcasters to save hours off your workweek!

bonus: 3 YouTube thumbnail Canva Templates

Get more listeners for your podcast on YouTube! Use these easty to customize Canva YouTube thumbnails.

bonus: 10+ AI Writing Prompts for Podcasters

Boost efficiency with these 10+ Podcast Promotion Writing Prompts perfect for any AI writing tool (Jasper, ChatGPT, Claude, and more!) 

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What Past Podcast Planners Say...

Danielle Desir Corbett

Award Winning Podcaster

Danielle is a podcast marketing coach and host of The Thought Card,a top-rated affordable and personal finance podcast. Working with top travel brands and financial institutions, Danielle attributes 40% of her income to podcast sponsorships. In the 2024 Podcast Planner, Danielle shares the systems, templates, and swipe files that leads to to proven long-term audience growth

Melody Johnson

Processpreneur & Course Creator

Melody is the Founder of The Course Consultant. She helps membership owners and group coaching program owners. Melody has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and is a Certified Customer Success Manager. She’s a featured speaker at Fincon, Podthon, Rebel Boss Summit, Course Creator Conference, Tech VA Summit, and many more. 

finally you can say...

"i'm In My Painless Podcasting Era"


Absolutely! Our podcast planner spreadsheet can be used to plan an entire year of episodes all in one Google Sheet!

Great question! Each yearly podcast planner is unique and cover one key area of focus. The new features included in the 2024 Podcast Planner includes the Income and Expense Tracker, 10+ AI prompts, a show notes checklist and Keywords Tracker. 

Yes, we’ve personally used these templates and resources in our business to promote and plan podcast episodes and seasons. It’s seriously a game changer when it comes to podcast prep. 

Our planners are a trusted resources for so many indie podcasters and solopreneurs alike.

Due to the nature of this product being entirely downloadable, we are not offering refunds.

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