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2023 Podcast Planner

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Your Podcast Monetization Planning Simplified

You’ve been working that microphone, let our profitable podcast planner take care of the rest. 

Pitching brands and landing more affiliate sales is no small task…

We know, because we’ve landed five figure sponsorships and affiliate sales through our podcast planning strategy. 

And if you leave planning all up to guesswork, you’re leaving money on the table.

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2023 Podcast Planner

With our 2023 Podcast Planner edition, savvy podcasters can kiss planning angst and hustle goodbye, and hello to more revenue with our easy to follow templatized system for your best podcast planning season!

We’ve field-tested these templates in our own businesses, and over 300+ podcasters agree –
our system is easy and it works!

Downloads Tracker

Land more sponsorships and affiliate revenue by tracking podcast downloads month-by-month!

Affiliate Tracker

Never fear losing an affiliate sale again. Our affiliate tracker makes it easy to organize affiliate links for your favorite products all in one place!

Email Pitch Templates

Kiss writing sponsorship pitches from scratch, download these customizable email templates.

Media Kit Checklist

Set up your media kit for success with this simple to follow media kit checklist to land more speaking engagements and sponsorships.

Plan Your Profitable Podcast in 2023 & Beyond

Plan Your Profitable Podcast in 2023 & Beyond

A Podcast Planning Template That Works

Back again for its third year, this plug and play Google Sheets system 
will help you plan and produce your library of podcast episodes all in one place.

Here's Our Sneek Peek of Everything Inside the Planner!

Months of Episode Planning

Tried N' True Planning Template...

Planning episodes on scratch pieces of paper is so 2020…

Looking to take your podcast planning into accelerated growth into 2023 and beyond? This plug and play system will help you plan and produce your episodes all in one place.

Sponsorship Email Templates

Sponsor Pitch Swipe Emails

Proven Sponsorship Pitch Email Templates

Ever wonder what makes the difference between a lackluster podcast sponsorship pitch and one that lands more booked revenue? A repeatable pitch process.

Get crafted responses to 8 most common scenarios when reaching out to brands from cold pitching a brand to following up after a successful campaign. 

Months of Download Growth

Downloads Tracker

Turn downloads into revenue

Tracking downloads aren’t just vanity metrics, they’re a media asset to get more affiliate sales and land more sponsorships. 

Our downloads tracker has the formula (literally) to help you calculate downloads and growth!

Media Kit Checklist

The Media Kit Checklist That Lands More Profits

Never struggle with what to include in your media kit again! With our comprehensive media kit checklist, your media kit will showcase your podcast in the best light while answering all of a brand’s questions in one fell swoop.

Affiliate Tracker

Affiliate links all in one spot!

Make it easy to grow your affiliate revenue without hunting for links. This simple trackable template lets you organize your affiliate links for your shownotes and podcast episodes so you’ll never worry where that next affiliate sale is coming from next!

Turn Your Podcast into a Profitable Plan

Plan, Publish, and Profit
With Your Podcast

What Past Podcast Planners Say...

Danielle Desir Corbett

Award Winning Podcaster

Desir Corbett is a podcast marketing coach and host of The Thought Card, an affordable luxury travel and personal finance podcast. Working with top travel brands and financial institutions, Danielle attributes 40% of her income to podcast sponsorships. In the 2023 Podcast Planner, Danielle shares the systems, templates, and swipe files that have led her to become a five-figure podcaster.

Melody Johnson

Processpreneur & Course Creator

Melody Johnson is a Processpreneur and Founder of The Course Consultant. She helps membership owners grow their recurring revenue with referrals and retention. She has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and is a Certified Customer Success Manager. She’s a featured speaker of Fincon, Podthon, Vidfest, Course Creator Conference, Tech VA Summit, and many more. 


Absolutely! The main podcast planner can be used to plan an entire year of episodes all in one Google Sheet!

Great question! If you’ve got the 2022 or prior years versions, the 2023 version includes tabs for the Affiliate Tracking, Downloads Tracker, and Sponsorship Template Tracker. This is exclusive to the 2023 version. There are also sponsorship email templates and a media kit checklist that are not included in the 2022 version.

Absolutely! The email templates and planners inside this 2023 version include emails that you can use at any stage. 

Yes, we’ve personally used these templates and resources in our business to promote and plan podcast episodes and seasons. It’s seriously a game changer when it comes to podcast prep.

Due to the nature of this product being entirely downloadable, we are not offering refunds.

Plan, Publish, and Profit With A Podcast

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