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"The Podcast Planner is the best thing since 🍞🥖! "

If you need to plan out your year long strategy, the Podcast Planner is the best thing since [sliced bread]. I’ve been out of the podcasting game for a year, and I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything with this planner.


"I feel so much more prepared."

I’ve been using this template this morning, and I’m almost done! The last time I tried to use a media kit template, I felt overwhelmed and wanted to avoid it. I feel so much more prepared, even the parts that don’t apply to me. I feel inspired to complete it!


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Now is the time to plan, produce, and grow your podcast without all the grind, hustle, or big ticket prices. 

Our templates and systems have helps hundreds of podcasters over the last four years, we cannot wait for you to grab yours.